Check Out New Mini-Games From Blockman Go’s 1.27.5 Update

Blockman Go is a fun arcade game where players can create unique avatars and play mini-games with friends and other players. The game allows all players to interact using the chat feature in the game. The game is primarily a social game because there is no single-player mode anymore.

Blockman Go 1.27.5 Update: New Mini-Games

As mentioned, Blockman Go has tons of mini-games under its belt. And since a new update is rolled out, this has brought new titles into the fold. Check out these games below:

Trainers Arena

Trainers Arena is a mini-game that allows you to select a pet to be a partner. They may be of grass, fire, or water type. Once you have a pet, you need to complete tasks to level up. Later on, you can take your pets to battle.
If your pet wins, it will earn XP points that can be used for upgrades.


Blockman Go Trainers Arena

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Aside from that, this game also allows you to catch pets in the area. Pets that you successfully catch can join and form a team for battle. It is pretty much like a Pokemon game. You will also get golden eggs and can even join Lucky Draws. You can also check the Petdex where you can see the progress and evolution of each pet you have in the game.


4D CANDYCRAFT is similar to a mod in Minecraft. There is a store where you can buy a diamond sword pickaxe and then set an iron armor. Purchasing needs in-game currency, so if you need to buy more, you must break some blocks and sell them.



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To earn more coins, be sure to mine blocks that are colored blue, red, orange, and purple. To get a lot of good stuff in the game, you need to wait for a cave reset. As you play along, you will be able to purchase better tools for mining blocks.

This game is pretty easy to learn and the controls are better on PC as you get a bigger overview of the entire place. Remember, the more money you have in each mini-game, the more items you can purchase. Winning battles will also help you get something to eat and increase your level. Aside from mini-games, the new update optimized Blockman Go’s network connection. Try out these new features by downloading and playing Blockman Go today! You can get the game on PC here for free.