Blockman Go GCubes: Vital & Comprehensive Details for 2022

Since its inception in 2017, Blockman GO has managed to entice millions of players into its online multiplayer platform. Like most freemium games, Blockman GO has its own method of monetization to make sure that the games’ massive community gets fresh new content regularly. With that said, if you are new to the game and want to know more about the freemium currency of the game and where to get the precious currency free of charge in 2022, then you are in for a treat as we have all the details on how to get free GCubes in Blockman Go.

Blockman GO Gcubes

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What are the Various Currencies in Blockman GO Called?

There are three types of currency in Blockman GO, the first and most common are the Gold Coins which you can use to buy aesthetics to make your character slicker and cooler. Also, you can use Gold Coins to donate to your clans’ wealth. The second currency is BCubes or Blue Cubes, which you can earn by watching advertisements and participating in various events. You can use BCubes to purchase avatars and aesthetic decorations for the player’s character. In the previous version of the game, You can utilize BCubes to purchase in-game benefits to give the player’s character an advantage over others. Nevertheless, the later version of the game introduced a new premium currency called GCubes.

What is Blockman GO GCubes?

As mentioned earlier, GCubes or Gold Cubes are premium or paid currency in Blockman GO. In comparison to Blue Cubes that you can only use it to purchase aesthetics or cosmetics, GCubes comes with more purchasing power since you can purchase every item in the game. One example of an item that you can buy using GCubes is the Titan Armor in Skyblock. Other examples include non-shop items in Bed Wars such as Flash Pearls and Bride Eggs. GCubes are also used in reviving a character in other games available in Blockman GO. In addition, reviving a character using GCubes will allow you to duplicate items lost during the demise of the character.

Other Items in Blockman GO includes the following:


Leather Armor, Iron Armor, Silver Armor, Chain Armor, Gold Armor, Diamond Armor, Round Table Knight Armor, Odin Armor, Titan Armor, Amethyst Armor.


Wooden Sword, Stone Sword, Iron Sword, Golden Sword, Diamond Sword, Amethyst Sword, Bow and Arrow, Wooden Pick, Wooden Shovel, Wooden Hoe, Stone Pick, Stone Axe, Stone Shovel, Stone Hoe, Iron Pick, Iron Axe, Iron Shovel, Gold Hoe, Gold Shovel, Gold Hoe, Diamond Pick, Diamond Axe, Diamond Shovel, Diamond Hoe, Amethyst Pick, Amethyst Axe, Amethyst Hoe, Amethyst Shovel, Arondlight, Grum, Cross Slash, Amethyst Bow, Excalibur, Christmas Tree Weapon, Thunderbolt Cross Slash.


Dirt, Glass Block, Wooden Block, Round Stone, Gold Block, Raw Stone, Emerald Block, Diamond Block, Round Stone, Obsidian, Bookshelf

Blockman GO Gcubes Items


Colored Blocks

Normal Glass Block, White Wool, Lime Wool, Purple Wool, White Stained Glass Block, Red Stained Glass Block, Blue Stained Glass Block, Red Wool, Blue Wool, Yellow Wool, Yellow Stained Glass Block, Lime Stained Glass Block, Purple Stained Glass Block, Green Stained Glass Block, Orange Stained Glass Block, Black Stained Glass Block, Green Wool, Orange Wool, Black Wool, Normal Panes (cannot be crafted), White Stained Glass Pane Block, Red Stained Glass Pane Block, Blue Stained Glass Pane Block, Yellow Stained Glass Pane Block, Lime Stained Glass Pane Block, Purple Stained Glass Pane Block, Green Stained Glass Pane Block, Orange Stained Glass Pane Block, Black Stained Glass Pane Block, White Concrete Block, Red Concrete Block, Blue Concrete Block, Yellow Concrete Block, Lime Concrete Block, Purple Concrete Block, Green Concrete Block, Orange Concrete Block, Black Concrete Block.


Poppy, Blue Orchid, Sandstone, Sand, Flower Pot, Doors, Fence, Grass, Crafting Table, Anvil (cannot be crafted), Furnace, Water, Air, Lava, Leaf Block 1-3, Star Block, Seeds, Farmland, Plants, Seeds, Ores, Hell Stone, Hell Brick, Quartz, Sea Crystal Brick/Block, Flourite, Silver Crystal Block/Brick, Sea Crystal Lamp, Chests.

Building Blocks

Round Stone Slab (cannot be crafted), Oak Slab, Acacia Slab, Quartz Slab, Stone Slab, Smooth Stone Slab, Acacia Stairs, Quartz Stairs, Oak Stairs, Smooth Stone Stairs, Stone Stairs, Acacia Fence, Oak Fence, Smooth Stone Fence.

Precious Gems

Diamond, Amethyst, Emerald, Gold, Iron


Christmas Blocks, Christmas Tree, Fountains, Money Bar Block, Gold Bar Block, Dropped Amethyst Gem, Silver Bar Block, Rare Blocks like Beacons.


Stargun, Jony’s Adventure Diary 1-8, Shooting Star, Bedrock

Secret Items

Yellow boots, Fake Mine, UFO, Grenade, Jetpack, Egg, Unknown, Parashoot, Nether Brick, Tower Spawner, Wall Spawner, Template Spawner.

How to Get Free GCubes?

GCubes as mentioned before is a premium currency and requires real-world money to acquire. But there are tons of methods available out there that you can check out like the How to Get Free Gcubes video on Youtube, which we only recommend but do not promote.

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