Blockman Go: Game Tips To Win The Action-Packed Bed Wars

You can employ as many strategies as you want in Blockman Go: Bed Wars. But not everything goes as planned, especially if your enemies are as skilled as you. It’s important to have an ace up your sleeve. So we prepared this handy tips and tricks guide so you could step up your game. Take your enemy by surprise and destroy their Beds once and for all!

The Mid Can Lead You to Early Victory

The mid can make or break your early game in Bed Wars. This is the location of the Essential Generator which is vital for winning the game. Controlling it will give you a huge advantage against your enemies. Most players who are rushing will build bridges on the Mid. So bring your tools and get ready to scramble. You can also use an invisibility potion when you cross over to the enemy’s side. That’ll make it easy to reach their Beds early as they won’t be able to detect you. Double down on that strategy by using Flash Pearls.

Blockman Go PC Tips

Employing the Right Tools for The Job

Bringing the right tools to destroy the enemy Bed is important. Most players use Wool as a Bed defense in the early stages of the game. So if you’re rushing to victory, then bring Shears along with you. If you have the currency, buy Flame Bombs to make quick work of your opponent’s Bed. Keep in mind that the game isn’t over yet even if you destroy the enemy Bed. Victory goes to the last team standing.

Annihilate Your Opponent Down to The Last Block

The game ends when you obliterate your enemies. Simply destroying their Beds isn’t enough. Eventually, you’ll have to face them off in combat. It’s important to find your opponents’ weaknesses and one of them is their backs. Try to stab them from behind to land critical hits. When locked in a duel, try to strafe left and right to dodge their blows. And if you’re facing more than one opponent, find a way to pick them off one by one. Armor also helps increase your chance of survival. When you’re entering combat, make sure that you’re armed to the teeth.

So here are the tips and tricks for Blockman Go: Bed Wars. Make sure to employ our pieces of advice whenever you log in to the game. In fact, you can try it right now by downloading our free-to-play PC version!