Blockman Go: A Strategy Guide to Winning Bed Wars

Blockman Go: Bed Wars is a game where you and your teammates have to protect your base known as Bed. You also have to do your best to kill your enemies and destroy their Beds. The last surviving team wins the game. Now, it may seem easy. But there are important things you need to consider before you can become a pro in this game. That’s because you have to use resources like iron, gold, and diamonds to exchange for equipment. Then, you will need to build a bridge to enter your enemy’s island.

It’s a long process, but you get to have fun while you’re at it! So take this strategy guide to heart when you scramble to destroy your enemies.

Take Out Unsuspecting Enemies with an Ambush

Ambush is a strategy where you and your teammates hide and wait for the opportunity to kill opponents. Most Ambushers would build a bridge on top of the emerald mine and jump unto weaker enemies. But this strategy can draw the ire of your opponents as they might hunt you down seeking revenge.

Rush Your Way To An Early Victory

This strategy is where you get basic tools and rush other teams at the beginning of the match. The key element is to build the bridge faster than your enemies can set up defenses. One of the best rushing strategies is to lie in wait for the Diamond Gear. This gear is great for rushing enemy beds because it has high defenses in the late game. The diamond gear can also be used to protect yourself while you are destroying their beds.

Blockman Go Strategy PC
Remember to bring tools with you when rushing and mind your opponents’ defense. If their defense is wood, you should bring an ax to destroy it. It’s important to bring the right tools for the job, after all.

Nothing Gives You The Upper Hand Than Straight Combat

If you’re a more straightforward warrior then just grab a sword and hack away. Straight combat is a simple yet fun way to get to the enemy Bed. However, this strategy relies on powerful equipment. Make sure to get the strongest sword available. If you’re fighting on the bridge, you can always push them off the edge.

Enchantments Are The Supplement to Winning

Make your way to the Diamond Islands so you can grab more diamonds to buy enchantments. These are Sharpness, Efficiency, Healing Fountain, Protection, and the Iron Forge. Protection is used to increase damage resistance, Sharpness gives extra damage, Efficiency increases your tools ability to break blocks, Iron Forge increases your island’s resources, and Healing Fountain gives regeneration to your island.

Now that you know the different strategies in Blockman Go: Bed Wars, you can now join the fray. The only true way to put these tactics to the test is to play it on PC! So grab our free-to-play download and dominate the Blocky fields!